Festival Team

Founder / Artistic Director / CEO: Tom Oliver
Production / Operations Manager: Stephen Brodie (Buck Outdoor)
Associate Producer: Tammy Weller
Associate Producer: Dash Kruck
Office Manager: Stephanie Oliver
Brand Manager: Jacob Brewer
First Nations Advisor: Cameron Costello
Producer: Michael Keen
Pathways Project Producer: Emilia Keene
Producer: Nikki Palmada
PR Managers: Claire Bonney, Leigh Miles, Adam Brunes, Cassandra Laffey (Aruga PR)
Ticketing / Website Managers: Steve Scherri, Peter Hennessy, Tim Robinson (eMedia Campaigns)
Director’s Business Mentor: Andrew Bleby & Associates (this project is supported by the Federal Government through the Australia Council)
Creative Business Champion: Ant McKenna (this is an initiative by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland)

What's On