Committed, Content... Confused

Three young women manage their wildly contradictory love lives in this story of friendship.

Relationship advice? Don’t ask these girls! “Committed, Content... Confused” is a story of friendship told through songs from then and now as three young women manage their wildly contradictory love lives. Natalie, Ella and Riley have just arrived home from a night out on the town. Their friend’s latest hookup has inspired them to take a look into their own relationships.

“Committed, Content... Confused” takes the audience out of the conventional cabaret setting, and invites them into the shared apartment of Natalie, Ella and Riley.

Grace Whitney, Gabriella Boumford and Jahla Black, take on the roles of these quirky, ever likeable and all too relatable women. Musical Director, Thomas Currie becomes a part of the furnishings, adding flavour from the piano.

Join housemates, Natalie, Ella and Riley for a night of wine and laughter.


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