24 + 1

A free 24 minute, 2 exercise based silent workout.

What is it?

24 + 1  is a 24 minutes 2 exercise based silent workout, alternating between one minute of push ups and one minute squats. The minutes of the 24 are symbolic to the hour in the 24 for the day. This work out will be conducted in complete silence, there will be a drum beat to cue the change of exercise. The +1 is the minute of silence post workout for the victims of mental health. 

This workout is suitable of all levels of fitness, there will be no indication of first place or fittest athlete, its purpose is to honour and recognise the silent mental health sufferers and its victims that have past and that are amongst us.

What to bring

For this workout all you will need is a towel water bottle and yoga mat (if you wish, not compulsory)


Future Events

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