Plastica Fantastica

Plastica Fantastica is a ridiculous award-winning one woman show performed by Jennifer Laycock.

This is the story of Nunny. Nunny loves plastic more than her mum and her future husband combined. She lives a life of plastic wrapped bananas, triple bagged groceries and her ultimate dream is to become a top of the line Tupperware lady.

'Plastica Fantastica' is a ridiculous award-winning one woman show performed and written by Jennifer Anne Laycock & directed by Nicolas Angelosanto.The pair are Brisbane based performers. They have a bachelor of theatre from the University of Southern Queensland, and are most recently graduates from Philippe Gaulier in France. They create ridiculous comedic shows, characters and installations for their company Art for Earthlings. Which aims to educate, inspire audiences about environmental education and maybe wet their pants from laughter at some point as well.

Jennifer was won the Short & Sweet festival in Queensland last year for her solo show, and Nicolas won best director. Plastica Fantastica visited Adelaide Fringe earlier this year, receiving a 5 star review,

'Jennifer Anne Laycock is a wonderful performer and had the audience enthralled and amused from beginning to end' - Matild Marseillaise.


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