The Friday Night Galah!

You've heard of a Gala night.. but have you been to a Galah? Roll out your feathers and come on down to the creative nest.

You've heard of a Gala night.. but have you been to a Galah? Roll out your feathers and come on down to the creative nest. The cremedelacreme of underground artists are flying towards Winston ChurchHall on Friday and Saturday night to show you what they've got. Tweet your friends and tell them you're going to the Galah. Tickets going cheep! 


Calum Johnston
Calum Johnston is an award-winning Brisbane based actor, theatre maker, puppeteer and theatrical clown. Graduating from the university of Canberra with a Bachelor in acting and performance making, Calum has continued to expand his knowledge by training with clown companies such as Spymonkey and Homunculus theatre. He is currently creating and performing  comic clown shows to tour around Australia and internationally. 

Don't - Craig has one job. One job. Don't press the button. Will he succeed or will his humanity get the better of him?  

Hamster - Craig has lost his job so in a bid to drum up more work he has learnt some magic. He has also trained a well trained hamster to dazzle the crowd. However things start to go pear-shaped when his hamster no longer wishes to perform... 


Kamara Henricks

Kamara is an energetic performer with a passion for dance, comedy and cabaret. Having completed a Diploma of Musical Theatre at the Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre in 2018, Kamara made her professional debut in THE WIZARD OF OZ ARENA SPECTACULAR (Harvest Rain). Kamara's other credits also include IN BLOOM (Moreton Bay Theatre Company), choreographer of PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Lynch & Paterson), Best Cabaret Artist 2019 for RICCARDO: LIVE! (Short+Sweet Cabaret Festival), and mass captain in GREASE: THE ARENA EXPERIENCE (Harvest Rain).  

Riccardo Live! - Welcome aboard the Grand Rio Cruise Line! You're in for a treat with our on-deck entertainment. Sit back and relax as Riccardo sweeps you off his feet with his quadruple threat talents. Enjoy the show while it lasts - there's a rumour this might be his last show on board...  

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They’re loud, they’re weird and they’re so goddamn sweaty. LittleBitts is the creation of kindergarten friends Lucy Czerwinski and Katie Pierce who reunited after 12 years at a local acting school workshop. Created out of the joy of making people laugh and their affection for the absurd, LittleBitts delivers a unique female comedy duo that puts little bits and pieces of sketches together to create lively and unpredictable performances. Hence their name LittleBitts.

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